Technological development and commercial exploitation of embedded computer vision and machine learning system in a global scale

About the project

In the field of computational photography technology, Irida Labs has developed a video stabilization (IRIS-VISTA) technology and product, targeting to mobile devices and cameras on embedded systems. Part of the technology has been patented in the US Patent Office (USPTO) with the patent "System and a method for camera motion analysis and understanding from a video sequence", Publication No. US 2017/0076466. This technology has been developed using a VC investment, while part of the technology has been developed in the framework of the project “IRIS-IPs – Software and hardware IP core implementation of video analytics methods for security applications”, funded under the Operational Program "Human Resources Development" 2007-2013. Today, Irida Labs commercially sells this product and technology to US customers (e.g. Cadence, Synopsys), to China market (e.g. Allwinner) as well as in Europe (e.g. AGT International), demonstrating the high technological level of this technology.

A second, very promising, technology that has been developed within the company has to do with the detection and recognition of objects in images or videos, based on machine and deep learning techniques, and is commercially promoted under the name DeepAPI. Its concept is generally based on object detection technology, part of which is also patented in USPTO, Publication No. US 2017/0124418. Irida Labs has leveraged past R&D projects to mature this technology, such as (indicatively):
- White’R – White room based on Reconfigurable robotic Island for optoelectronics, FP7 project funded under FoF.NMP.2013 – 2.
- BOREALIS – the 3A energy class Flexible Machine for the new Additive and Subtractive manufacturing on next generation 3D metal parts”, H2020 project funded under FoF-02-2014.

During these past two years, Irida Labs has been highly investing in the field of machine/deep learning through the development of technology for recognizing different objects, such as food recognition. As a result of DeepAPI’s high-tech level, Irida Labs has commercially contracted with the world’s No.1 company in the field of professional catering equipment for food preparation (under NDA).

Objectives of the IrisGlobalGrowth project:

As part of the IrisGlobalGrowth project, Irida Labs aims to: - Proceed in a continuous technological development of IRIS-VISTA (by incorporating gyro information and the creation of an appropriate mobile phone demonstration system) and DeepAPI products, in order to stay at the cutting edge of the technology and be globally competitive
- Conduct a feasibility study for IRIS-VISTA in relation to its further commercial exploitation in different geographic markets (e.g. US, China, Korea, Europe, India)
- Conduct a feasibility study for DeepAPI product and explore a business model in relation to its further commercial exploitation. This study will be continuously updated based on the different markets and scenarios that DeepAPI technology could be potentially used
- Elaborate intellectual property rights through filling patents (mainly at the USPTO)
- Participate in international exhibitions and individual B2B meetings for the commercial exploitation and marketing of both products


Project Kick-Off

Project Kick-Off
March 2018

IoT Solutions, Barcelona

IoT Solutions , Barcelona
16-18 October 2018

Participation to IoT World Expo in Barcelona, as part of Enterprise Greece and HETIA

VISION 2018, Stuttgart

VISION 2018, Stuttgart
6-8 November 2018

Participation to VISION 2018 event in Stuttgart, demonstrating DeepAPI and AEye4 products.

Electronica 2018, Munchen

Electronica 2018, Munchen
November 2018

Demonstration of Smart Parking solution, as part of DeepAPI product, to Arrow and Analog Devices booths

Embedded World 2019, Nuremberg

Embedded World 2019, Nuremberg
February 2019

Participation to Embedded World 2019 event in Nuremberg, demonstrating DeepAPI and Smart Parking products along with Arrow Electronics and Analog Devices.


EE1 - Technical management of the project

EE1.1 - Administrative and technical management of the project (M0-M36): For the smooth monitoring of the project there will be preparation, maintenance and renewal of the project manual and dossiers.
EE1.1 - Administrative and technical management of the project (M0-M36): For the smooth monitoring of the project there will be preparation, maintenance and renewal of the project manual and dossiers.

EE2 - Technologies and products IRIS-VISTA and DeepAPI

EE2.1 - Technological development IRIS-VISTA (Μ0-Μ30): Evolution of the IRIS-VISTA system through the integration of information not only by the camera (DIS) but also by gyro data for the development of EIS technology. In this way, the next version of IRIS-VISTA will be able to improve the video taken by a moving camera by making use of all the available degrees of freedom while also reducing the complexity of the overall solution by allowing the system to support still greater image and video resolution such as 1080p60 and 4K30 in real time.
EE2.2 - DeepAPI Technology Development (M0-M30): Implementation of different CNN network structures for application on embedded systems and continuous recording of the most appropriate artificial intelligence networks for their application in the field of computational vision.

EE3 - Feasibility Study of Technologies

​ EE3.1 - IRIS-VISTA Feasibility Study (M13-M36): Interim feasibility study including the analysis of the advantages and weaknesses of IRIS-VISTA with subjective and objective criteria. EE3.2 - DeepAPI feasibility study (M13-M36): In-depth feasibility study, which includes the analysis of the benefits and weaknesses of DeepAPI, based on objective criteria. The aim is to continuously update the business plan and support it from a major SWOT analysis that is based on both the technology data that is being developed and, above all, the data and trends of the global market in which Irida Labs operates.

EE4 - Innovation Technology Services

EE4.1 - Intellectual Property Protection (M0-M36): Submission of patent applications for IRIS-VISTA and DeepAPI technologies mainly to the USPTO and defense of applications already submitted in the field of computational vision.
EE4.2 - Advisory and support services (M0-M36): Innovation-enhancing actions for IRIS-VISTA and DeepAPI products such as consulting services for the protection and exploitation of intangible assets of technologies and support services such as the database market and market research .

EE5 - Utilization of IRIS-VISTA and DeepAPI

EE5.1 - Trade fair participation (M6-M36): Participation in international exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the USA to promote and commercialize the project's results.
EE5.2 - B2B meetings (M6-M36): An important part is the bilateral promotion of project results (B2B meetings) with companies and institutions mainly abroad, aiming to further develop the Irida Labs extroversion.
EE5.3 - Publicity Actions (M6-M36): Publicity Actions for IRIS-VISTA and DeepAPI Technologies to be carried out as part of the dissemination of project results.

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